Everything about Steff's Design

Foto by: Frank Doorhof

The name Steff's Design was a way for me to make a good first impression

I wanted to keep is formal but with a bit of an informal undertone. That's why it became Steff's Design. Steff is a part of my own name, Stephie. But because I was lazy in middelschool I wrote my name not with P H, but with dubble F. This is the reason why my friends call me Steff. Short and easy to remember. Just like me! And with that in mind the name Steff's Design became my brand for all my design.

I like a technical approach in my designs and I have a good eye for details. I work very good alongside others but I can work equally as well alone. I love a challange and do take some risks to reach my goal. My disadvantage is that I am overly perfectionistic on my own work. This means that if I am not happy with my design it will go straight to the little bin. I find it important that everyone is heard, but none are slated. Others appreciate my reliability and loyalt. Something I would like to grow in, is a piece of contentment with my results. 


That is why I want to work on not being to judicial on my own work and being content with my end results. I also want to work on learning to make pro's and con's on the risks in comparison to the results and goals I want to achieve.

In my free time I like to go with my best buddy and our dog Gibbs on adventure. I love macrophotography, but I also like to make landscape pictures.


I also like to educate myself in the software that I use as a designer. So I follow tutorials and workshops from time to time.


I love to see places and travel around. So far I have been to Italy, England, Belgium, Germany and Austria. But I hope to see more of the world in the near future!