Graphic Design

Annual Report Humanitas

Commissioned by Humanitas Noordoostpolder, I made the annual report of 2016.  In consultation there was decided to give the report a friendly and open feeling, but also a semi business appearance. I have achieved this through the use of the different colours and constant use of the same shapes. On the right you will see a few images of the end results.

Marketing Material

Commissioned by Studio FD, I designed the downloadvoucher for their video-tutorial; "Beyond Snaps - New York".

In consultation with the owner, we decided to use mostly pictures and just a few words. I also made a banner for their webshop and vlog.

Skyline Emmeloord (Humanitas)

Commissioned by Humanitas Noordoostpolder, I made a skyline of Emmeloord. This was mainly so it can be placed on different kinds of flyers and leaflets. On the left you will see the skyline and the usage of it on leaflets.

Fictional Leaflet and Photography

This fictional leaflet was an assignment during my study. I had to make a A5 leaflet with a own made product photo. I chose a Nivea deodrant and made this leaflet.


Tether Tools Nederland

Commissioned by STUDIO FD, I designed and build the Tether Tools Nederland website. I used the existing corporate identity colours and fonts.


Check out the website on


My Own Travel Blog

Although I haven't travelled a lot, I wanted to start my own travel blog and everything around it. Logo, social media and website.


Check out the website on


Fictional Website Assignment

Commissioned by school, I had to redesign and build the website of Mojo Tickets. I used most of the pictures and texts from the website itself but redesigned it in a more user friendly way.


On the right you can see a few shots of the end result.

This Website

And last, but not least. I made my own portfolio website. I designed and built it using Photoshop and Jimdo.



Branding & Logo Design

Restyling of a Corporate Identity

This was an assignment from my internship at VEAM Heerenveen. I had to restyle a potential partners corporate identity to fit a more modern feel. Unfortunately was this restyled version of the corporate identity rejected.

Although it was rejected, was it a very good learning experience and am I still proud of the end result.

Travel Blog Identity

For my travel blog I had to make an corporate identity. I did this for fun, but it was a good practice for the future.

I have also made a few banners for the corresponding social media and blog posts.

They were also made with the use of the corporate identity colours, fonts and icons.